New Orleans Inspiration

I've just returned from my first ever trip to New Orleans and I can't wait to go back. There are so many wonderful treats in this city; the people, the history, great food, amazing music... believe me I can go on and on. However, I was especially awed by the visual art. Art is everywhere in New Orleans and it's often pretty great and affordable.

First stop was Tresor Gallery in the French Quarter. We were drawn in by the stunning and creepy giant head of Abraham Lincon by Kazuhiro Tsuji which held court in the window. Once inside, we gleefully noted the stunning Kreature Assemblage Art Dolls by our friend Vinsantos. Tresor was full of treasures and truly has one of the best collection of artists I've seen in quite some time.

As a jewelry artist, I loved happening upon Thomas Mann Gallery i/o. The work was quirky, beautiful and eclectic. I spoke to a woman who was so informative and enthusiastic about the history of the artist and space, she made the whole visit top notch. It was wonderful being in a space where people really champion the art of jewelry.

Just down the street ( Magazine Street) is Gogo Borgerding Jewelry. Very fun, hip, creative and wearable pieces. So very fun that the term "eye candy" could not be better used.

Finally, I came upon an artist in the Night Market who really blew me away. She goes by the moniker " The Zipper Queen", and a queen she is. Ndeye Samb makes jewelry out of ( you guessed it) zippers in gorgeous and creative ways. Her work really needs to be in a gallery because it is She can be contacted on facebook.

Now that I'm reinvigorated, I'll be in my studio.

Thanks New Orleans!



East Bay Open Studios


Gearing up for East Bay Open Studios 2015

I'm very excited to participate at my first East Bay Open Studios. My work will be highlighted at 4th Street Fine Art in Berkeley. The Preview show is on view now at Pro Arts Gallery, 150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Oakland CA

Weekend One: June 6 & 7, 11am-6pm

Weekend Two: June13 & June 14, 11-6pm

That's at 2000 4th Street @ University. 
Hope to see you there!